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Percentage consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.

People trust friends. Second to that, they trust customer reviews and recommendations be they good or bad. While customer service has always been paramount to success in western societies, today it is customer reviews and interaction that can make or break sales. Managing customer responses takes both a focussed strategy and human resources. Smaller companies are wiser to outsource this task to experts rather than leaving it in the hands of an otherwise busy employee or worse, landing on the President’s desk. He or she has enough on their plate without having to deal with a customer who didn’t like the color of towels they received because they looked different from what they saw on their monitor. And trying to explain computer color calibration is like pushing water uphill. You need someone who has the skill and authority to turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

What seems to be the problem?

Different countries have different cultures.

Customer Service is a great way to experience those differences.



Percentage of Click through rates for companies that rank first in Google search

It’s not easy to get to the top of a Google search. For one thing, the ones at the top are ads. You have to look for the little box that reads “Ad”. I sometimes click them but mostly not. I go down to find the one at the top of the organic search. Let’s take a closer look. There are 5.5 million Google searches a day. I don’t have the numbers on how many different topics are searched for but one can only assume it is a lot. To get to the top of the list requires a lot of Google Voodoo that no one can agree on how it works. But it works. And it is getting better every day. Remember the days when you had to have the keyword or phrase in the heading, in the first line of copy and peppered throughout the article? The postings were horrible. For those old enough to remember Dick and Jane books, these posting read like they were written by those authors while under the influence of some illegal substance.

Those days are gone and thankfully, postings that do reach the top of a Google search sound like they were written by humans for humans. There are still protocols to writing google-friendly articles but while once they rewarded wretched writing, now they punish them. Want to make it to the top of a google search? Hone your writing skills. Or hire someone who already has them.

There is no such thing as 'writing'. Only rewriting.

Different media require different writing styles,

We can coach you. Or we can do it for you. Your choice.

One year analytics for seasonal business

This is a small client of ours. They rent a fleet of 22 houseboats in the 1000 Islands. We have built a quality email list of 1400 interested customers by offering a free guide to houseboating in the 1000 Islands in exchange for their email. Notice the bounce rate. We have had days with a 0.0% bounce rate. We began three years ago and they have reported that these have been the best years they have had since starting their business in 1972. One more thing. They don’t spend any money on Adwords or Facebooks ads.They just pay for our services.



Percentage of people who said that corporate social media posts impact their purchases

As old as marketing itself is the knowledge that word-of-mouth is the most persuasive form of marketing there is. Think of social media as word-of-mouth advertising on steroids. Mass media? It’s dead. There is no longer one place where you can communicate and plan on reaching the majority of people. The masses. Instead, there are millions of conversations going on between like-minded or common interest/goals groups. That is why it is so important to understand your audience, the nuances of your audiences and where they most often digitally hang out. Twitter. Linkedin. Facebook. Snapchat. You know the digital venues. Knowing where you’ll find them is one thing. What you’re going to say to them once you do find them can be the difference between a sale and a wasted ppc.

Know you audience and speak their language.

A digital strategy can have many facets.

Knowing when and how to apply them is both an art and a science.

This is what I do

Within the world of digital marketing, social media is a very robust subset. The more accurate we are on our target audience(s), the greater the likelihood for success.

We take a granular approach to understanding your audience(s)

The more we know about our audience(s) the easier it is to be relevant to them.

We identify opinion leaders/shapers on each social media platform

On any given platform, there will be leaders on any given topic. We identify them and communicate with them to open up a channel.

Train Staff on how to use use differing social channels

Every employee can be an ambassador for your business. Providing them with key messaging and empowering them to use it only strengthens your digital presence.

A/B test messaging

Testing used to be expensive. Now it is expensive not to.

Maintain frequency of messaging

There is an art to knowing how often is too much and how infrequent is too infrequent. That greatly depends on your product or service but should always be used in the case of a PR crisis.

Ensure top ROI on Investments

Establishing KPIs helps measure your ROI. After all, this is a business, not an arts program.

And now a few words from our sponsors

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients. Besides wanting results, you want a painless, stressfree journey to get those results. We deliver on that front, too.

Bill created, wrote and built our entire marketing campaign from a copy-intensive, information-based website to Facebook, Trip Advisor, Instagram, YouTube videos, built a Mail Chimp mailing list (+1300 subscribers), brochure, as well as a very smart Airbnb presence targeting people looking for cottages. After launching the campaign, we enjoyed our most successful year since we began our business in 1972. Bill is extremely responsive, a pleasure to work with and very resourceful. Hiring Bill was a good business decision.

Peter Latchmore

Owner, Houseboat Holidays

Bill is the smartest and most strategic creative person I have ever had the joy of calling “Partner.”

Tom Bolling

Partner, COO, On Ideas

I like working with Bill because he’s smart. He’s one of the best strategic thinkers I have ever worked with. He listens to clients so they get what they need – not necessarily what they want. The fact that he writes very well comes in useful too…

Daina Liepa

Co-owner, Board member, Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Bill was able to decipher my entrepreneurial mind, which can be all over the map, he pulled my thoughts together to laser focus on what we are trying to communicate and who we are as a company.  The time spent with Bill has brought clarity to our marketing campaign and the company as a whole.

Adam Cruickshank

CEO, Fourmark Manufacturing