About me

How advertising found me.

While studying psych at Queen’s University, I came across the following: many people while watching the black & white Benham Wheel spun at a certain speed, perceived the colour red.

A large soft drink manufacturer used that on a black & white commercial and many people phoned the TV stations saying their TVs had gone red. I thought…

Now, this looks like an interesting business!

Hit play. Do you see the colour red?

Foundation Agencies

V.P. Copywriter, Scali, McCabe, Sloves, Toronto

V.P. Creative Director, BBDO, Dallas

Sr. V.P. Creative Director, JWT, NYC

Exec. V.P. Creative Director, McCann, LA

Exec. V.P. Creative Director, Wells, Rich, Greene, NYC.

President, Lower Canada, Toronto


Known for:

• Critical thinking
• Sharper strategies
• Breakthrough creative
• Responsiveness
• Brand positioning
• Economical
• Compelling & persuasive copywriting

• Record-breaking


Breaking records in almost every category I enter.

About you

The writer CEOs trust

When it comes to brand stewardship, the ultimate responsibility rests with the CEO and the Marketing Director. That is why historically, they enjoy working with me. As someone on the MOHLTC said, “Of all the writers on our business, you were the one who ‘got it’ the quickest”. 

The designer's copywriter

I am a visual writer and no one admires good designers more than I do. With a degree in Film & Photography, I have always work to creating strong visual communications and that can’t be done without a good designer. Like Greg Meadows.

Strategic copywriting for Marketing Directors

You’re overworked. You get too many emails. You spend more time in meetings talking about what needs to get done than you have the time to get it done. You need help. But you don’t have a lot of time to ‘get someone up to speed’. I  can help.

About You & Me

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance something on this site resonated with you. And while I know I am a quick study and exceptional at what I do, you don’t know that. At least, not yet. It’s one of those ‘try us, you’ll like us’ stories.

Classic marketing 101. To gain trial? Offer a sampling. So here it is: if you quote this (YESLOWER) in your message to me I will provide two free, one-hour writing credits. Note the email signup gives a one hour writing credit. You are being rewarded to reading my copy. Aren’t you curious about what I can do in a couple of hours?


Do you write advertising copy or just digital?

I write for all media, formats and functions. I began my career in traditional advertising and integrated digital copywriting into my tool kit as the medium developed.

Do you write content for websites?

Yes, certainly. Not only do I write copy for websites, but with my team, I am able to take web projects from inception to going live and maintain it.

What is a ‘digital marketing strategy’?

Some companies would have you believe digital marketing strategies are complex and with changing technology, easily complicated. Not true.

In a nutshell, digital strategies, like 'traditional' strategies, identify our target audiences, key messages and why people should believe us. They also identify the communications channels/platforms to deliver the messages. In the world of digital, that menu is quite extensive and platforms are chosen strategically.


Do you do video?

I have a degree in film and photography and have written and supervised the production of over 200 commercials and videos, for both major brands and small advertisers. Not only do I do video, but I also have a strong track record for making a dollar earn its keep. And then some. 

What is you category experience?

I am fortunate to have extensive category experience in Canada and the United States. Trained in packaged goods, I brought disciplines to all the categories I entered, from healthcare to financial to beer and airlines to technology. About the only category I have NOT experienced is the car category. The aftermarket, yes (Nobody beats Midas. Nobody.). 

What is unique about your approach to copywriting?

As a disciplined writer, I match tone, can work to a word count and  historically, I perform better than the industry. I look at everything we work on together as something that should positively contribute to the collective brand voice.  And I shine when I am tasked with creating and defining a brand voice (as I did with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care).


Do you have a style of copywriting?

No. On the contrary. A good copywriter should be able to insert him or herself seamlessly into existing styles and tone and match them. Of course, establishing style, tone and brand voice for a client is always an exciting assignment.

Aren't you just a freelance copywriter?

Throughout my career, I always considered myself an advertising person first and a writer second. That is why and how I bring strong strategic skills to the table.

Having said that, the only way I got through school was because I could write and think. Math and English were my strong suits. I guess there is a little bit of math logic in everything I write.

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