I’m Bill

Your Quick-Study Copywriter

About Me

An account director I worked with in NYC once said, “Lower, you’re the only person I know who thinks out of their left brain and right brain at the same time.” That’s my snapshot. I got into advertising as a copywriter because I loved the business and that love has not waned. Today most of the work I do is digital although I still do traditional advertising when that is what is required. I have a degree in film and photography (Ryerson University) and I occasionally script, shoot and edit videos for clients. My passion for the business is matched only by your passion for yours.

My Skills

Creative Copywriting

I built my career on developing effective concepts and writing well across all media disciplines: print, web, digital, broadcast, articles and the occasional speech. I have won numerous awards but more importantly, work I have done has driven clients market share or in the case of issues advertising, helped shape public opinion.



I have a degree in Film and Photography (a plus for a writer) and have scripted, shot and edited videos for a multitude of clients. Today, video is becoming more and more the preferred communication platform. And today, it is very affordable.

Content Strategy

I can write to existing strategies or I can create one for you. There is a discipline to content strategy writing and I know it well. Good briefs are built applying insights and logic.


Information architecture

Creating effective Information architecture is understanding logic and flow. It’s where my left-brain, right-brain thinking comes in handy.

Social media

I work across a multitude of social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and bring freshness, timeliness and persuasiveness to every platform I write on.



I work in MS Word, Pages, Keynote, Powerpoint, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, WordPress and have some basic skills in InDesign and Illustrator. What I don’t know, I google and invariably someone has created a YouTube video about it.

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