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It's not enough to reach someone. You have to touch them.

Here is how we help businesses do exactly that.

Attracting More People

In order to grow your business, your digital marketing needs a strategy. Without a plan, plan on failure. That’s why we will ALWAYS start with a well-thought-out strategy as we look to grow your business. Want irrefutable proof that strategies work? Ask me about Reynolds Wrap in the United States.

Websites People Visit for More than 5 Seconds

For people to find your website, it must go through a number of hoops to get the elusive search page position “above the fold”—to borrow a term from the almost defunct newspaper industry. Once people find you, the challenge is to keep them on your website for more than a nanosecond. The way to do that? Relevance, relevance, relevance.

Radio & Podcasts People Listen To

You don’t hear a lot of web people talk about radio. That’s because it is hard to write breakthrough radio. But for good writers, radio and podcasts are dream assignments because they are where a writer can shine. With audio production costs so low, all you need is a little money and a strong writer. Ready to listen to how to get people to listen?

Copywriting People Read

Some ad and marketing people say ‘No one reads body copy”. You are the proof they read mine. And if people didn’t read body copy, wouldn’t businesses just propagate websites with Lorem Ipsum? Actually when you think about, many practically do.

Emotion Beyond the Emojis

When was the last time you laughed out loud before you typed “LOL”? If you really laughed out loud you probably typed “LMAO.” That means that both of them are not just inaccurate but blatantly fake. Emojis are cute, fun and plentiful. But they have very little to do with consumers’ real emotions. If you are looking to establish a real relationship with your customers and potential customers, there must be an emotional component to that relationship; otherwise, you don’t really have one.

Social Media People Share

Social media has proven its power beyond a doubt. It is important to have newsworthy or highly entertaining content if you want people to share. It’s a great way to carry on a conversation—and maybe a conversion or two! As with any conversation, its value depends entirely on what you have to say. 

Emails People Open

We have a small client in Gananoque, ON who runs a tourism and travel business. They rent houseboats. By offering a free Houseboating Guide to the Thousand Islands in exchange for email addresses, we have been able to build a sizable mailing list. When we do send out emails, we consistently achieve between three and four times the industry averages for both opens and clicks. 

The truth is, you should be able to beat industry averages. If you’re not, contact us.

Reading People

Reading people goes beyond the data. It goes beyond slapping an offer in front of them and hoping that act results in a relationship. It seldom does. Reading people starts with analytics but it doesn’t end there. Computer skills, meet people skills.
Videos People Watch
Video is one of the fastest growing marketing tools being used today. Because today, many marketers are taking advantage of the low cost of production to get their selling messages online. Having written and supervised the production of over 200  TV ads and a multitude of videos, writing and producing video is a cornerstone capability I can bring to every assignment.

Why me? Why my team?

I bring over 35 years of high-level, people-focused marketing experience to every assignment I accept. As comfortable on a shop floor as in a boardroom, I am strategic and our work gets results.

The best writer I have had for such a short period of time. James Patterson

Renowned Author

Digital marketing takes more than computer skills.

It takes people skills, too.

Social Media People Share





While ‘Likes’ are gold to many businesses, the Holy Grail is ‘Shares’. It is through shares that an advertiser has the potential to see their messages enjoy exponential growth. To its full potential, that’s called going viral.

 For a good collection of social media stats, go here. 

If you’re living with industry standard numbers,
you’re settling on second best.

When you think about industry averages, on, let’s say, opens on an email campaign, remember that the ‘average’ includes a lot of people sending out emails who don’t know what they’re doing. Surely it can’t be hard to beat industry averages.

Videos People Watch


With a degree in film and photography from Ryerson University and having written and supervised and/or directed over 200 commercials; video production remains a core capability of mine. What’s hilarious is that people new to advertising and marketing act like it is a significant insight that you have to get people’s attention in 5 seconds when you’re running a YouTube ad. Anyone who has been out of diapers for more than a couple of months will know that television advertising has to capture people’s attention in about the same time. The need to capture people’s attention is paramount if you want them to pay attention to the rest of your video. You know; like the part where they click to order.


Marketing is about people .
How you reach them is about technology.

Copywriting People Read

Many folks in the digital community refer to what you put on your website as ‘content’. Referring to elements as ‘content’ (particularly writing) speaks volumes about how the digital community really thinks about what it is you have to say. ‘Content’, as they call it, is how you engage current and potential customers.

We don’t provide nor create ‘content”.  We write strategies, we write copy, we provide design, art direction, photography, illustration, video and programming. 

We have not abandoned the disciplines required to grow your business. Those disciplines apply regardless of the media, be it digital or otherwise.

Content is what you use to stuff cheap pillows. It is not the critical information you need to communicate through your website.

I excel at establishing a meaningful dialogue with people. Want a demonstration? Contact me. 416 262 2126. 

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